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Chad Hughes Headshot

Chad Hughes

Vice President, Chief Information Officer

As chief information officer, Chad is responsible for TCC Solutions’ IT systems, resources and policies. With a background as a solutions and cybersecurity architect, Chad brings vast experience leading technology teams in secure data center design for government clients. He has a deep understanding of the needs of government clients and the importance of regulatory compliance. Chad ensures that TCC Solutions adheres to rigorous compliance regulations, including FedRAMP, NIST SP 800-53, NIST SP 800-171, IRS 1075, PCI and HIPAA.

Chad enjoys playing the bagpipes across the Midwest at 18th-century reenactment events with the 42nd Royal Highlanders.
“By balancing security with access to technology, we empower the early childhood industry with a safe haven of trust that builds data-driven decision making.”
Joined TCC Solutions: 2013
Education: Attended Purdue University